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One day, Adam and Eve were exploring their paradise realm. They were having a great time here, exploring the different nooks and crannies, and going on a few adventures. For a while, everything was going smoothly, but then Eve started to feel bored. “I wish something exciting would happen!” she said. Adam and Eve had been dying to test out their new platforming skills and so, without even consulting Eve, they set off on a new adventure. They found an old abandoned mine shaft and climbed down to explore it. It was pitch black at the bottom but they knew that they would be able to find their way out if they kept going in the same direction. After walking for what seemed like an hour, they finally came across a door. It looked like it had been locked for ages but Adam figured that if anyone could find a way out of this place, it would probably be them. They opened the door and were instantly sucked into a vortex! They were not sure where they were going or how they were going to get out, but they were determined to see where the vortex would take them. And so they let the vortex carry them away. They ended up in the cursed kingdom of the vultures. As they found out, the vultures rule the land and make it their home. The vultures were not very friendly and kept following them wherever they went. They

You've heard the legend, but do you really believe it? Do you really believe that there was once a time when the world was covered in a dense, foggy forest? You know, back in the days when people lived simple, quiet lives and went about their days unaware of the dangers that lurked beyond their small town? Do you really believe that back then, Adam and Eve had to spend every waking moment climbing trees and searching for berries? Do they? Do they really? You can't, can you? Well, if you do, then you'll have a blast playing this 3D puzzle platformer in which you play as the third member of the human race. You see, the first two humans - Adam and Eve - were banished from the lush, green forest for eating from the Tree of Knowledge. So now, you play as an ancient couple who want nothing more than to get back home to the forest and start living their lives again. To do this, you'll have to help them evade dangers, collect items, and solve puzzles. Sounds easy, right? The world has been taken over by demons, and you must save mankind from their evil clutches. You play as the last remaining human, tasked with the dangerous task of restoring the world. Do you have what it takes to be a

Do you remember when you were a kid and you played hide-and-seek? How many times did you hide in some dark corner? The adults would look for you, and you had to find a way to make them think that you didn’t come there. Well, the same thing happens in this game. You are going to play as Adam and Eve. They are in their garden, and they don’t want anybody to find them. There are some nasty snakes who want to punish them. But you, as their helper, can help them and save them from the snakes. You will have to find them and get them to safety. You have to go through a lot of obstacles and traps in your way, which will test your patience and skills. Are you ready to take this challenge? Here we

In this game, you play as Adam and Eve. The game is set in the time of the primordial ooze when they first came out of the earth. They had to go through several hazards to come out safely. Now, they are on their way home. Guide them through mud puddles, fire pits, and more to get home safely. The game includes 3 different game modes. In the first mode, you need to reach the finish line as soon as possible. In the second mode, you will get a set number of lives and need to finish the level before that number of lives runs out. In the third mode, you need to guide the couple to the finish

The world has been overrun by the Evil Octopus. The only salvation is to send Adam and Eve back in time to before the Octopus. Guide Adam and Eve to safety by switching between them and solving puzzles along the way. This is a fast-paced platformer puzzle where you switch between the characters in order to solve puzzles and reach the exit. Explore the world, collect coins to purchase upgrades, and help the two get back to the garden in time. Don’t hesitate to switch from one character to the other to solve puzzles in the level. Good luck and have

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