Astro Rush

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Astro Rush is a 3D Arcade game. Fly around space, avoid asteroids, collect coins to get points, and go for the highscore! How quick are you? The game updates its difficulty depending on how fast you are.

Arcade mode features a game-play similar to Asteroids while skill mode is for players who want to take the game to the next level. The game features obstacles, asteroids, and 3D graphics. This skill game is available on all platforms including mobile for free! Astro Rush will challenge your reflexes, speed, and patience. Experience the best obstacle avoidance game on the market.

Astro Rush is a new and very addicting arcade game. It is a fast-paced, skill based game that will test your reflexes and ability to dodge obstacles. You play as Astro, an astronaut who must fly through different levels of space to avoid asteroids and hazardous objects. As you progress through the game, the speed and difficulty will increase.

Race against the clock and the computer to see if you have what it takes to be a space hero! Start your engines and upgrade your ship for a chance at victory. But beware, Astro Rush is a tough game where only the fastest and wisest will prevail.

Controls Guide

With 2 meteorites: press AD or left and right arrow keys to rotate

With 1 meteorite: press AD or left and right arrow keys to dodge

You can invert the controls in the main menu

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