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You are an intrepid thief who robs banks to fund your heist crew’s next big caper. This time, you’re going to rob a bank so grand it has a name. It’s called the Nuthouse Bank, and it’s the talk of the town. Everyone knows that this bank is so secure, only the bank’s manager and his staff are supposed to have access. But when your team goes in to check things out, they discover that the manager has gone missing. Now it’s up to you and your crew to break into the Nuthouse Bank, find the manager, and get out before the police arrive. To do that, you’ll have to explore the bank’s many secret rooms, solve challenging puzzles, and find useful objects to aid your

The city is in chaos. Everyone is panicking and running around in utter confusion. What started as a simple heist has escalated into something much worse. The police are everywhere and they aren't playing around. Soon, they'll be coming for you. You need to get out of there, and quickly. But how? The police have locked down the city. There's no way out. You can rob them blind, before they catch you. You can hide from them, and sneak out that way. But not without some help. Someone's bound to have some extra clothes. And maybe a hat or something, too. It's up to you to rob or sneak your way out of this

After being betrayed and thus robbed by his partners, Bob has to figure out a way to get his stolen money back. Being a smart robber, he decides to try his hand at being a bank robber instead. However, he ends up being too smart and ends up getting caught by the police. If he wants his money back, he’ll have to figure out a way to escape. Stealth, puzzles, platforming and adventure elements are all mixed into this short game. Can you escape from the police station before you get caught? It’s up to you to find

Robber Bob has decided to rob the bank once again! This time, however, he has a plan to rob the bank without getting caught. You, a brave bank employee, have been assigned to stay watch of the bank at all times. Make sure no one enters and no one leaves. Make sure everything is locked and secure. The bank has already installed a state of the art security system. If you don't succeed, no one

Robber Bob has escaped the prison he was held in and now he’s back to steal your valuables again. The only problem is, this time he’s using different tricks to get away with you. You have to be quicker, smarter and more alert than before. Do you have what it takes to catch Bob the Robber again? Or will he be able to slip away from you once more?

Controls Guide

Use the keyboard and mouse.

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