Cat Runner

About: Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a brand new game in which you play as a cat. The goal of Cat Runner is to survive as long as possible, by leaping from one platform to the next, while avoiding enemies and collecting coins.

Cat Runner is a 3D game that will have you chasing your tail in the most addicting, challenging, and fun-filled 3D action game ever made. It offers a wide range of characters to play with, each with their own special abilities. Keep up the good work in the wildest chase!

The most challenging game on earth; Cat Runner is an infinite runner game that challenges your skills and reflexes. As you run through the jungle, dodge, jump, and slide to avoid obstacles like trees, boulders or chasms. Collect coins for upgrades for your cat avatar to become even more powerful!

Cat Runner is an adventure game for mobile. The game combines the best of 3D graphics, gameplay, and music with a totally addictive feeling. Use your skills to help the cat avoid obstacles by jumping, sliding, or climbing. You can also help the pet collect all 20 golden coins to unlock new levels!

Run away from the cat! Overcome a crazy world of obstacles and dangers with a running cat. Collect coins to unlock weapons, costumes and adventure skins. Run over your friends and enemies on your quest to the top of the leaderboard. Challenge yourself or compete with your friends in this 3D, addictive, adventure game.

Controls Guide

LEFT arrow : Move left

RIGHT arrow : Move right

Up arrow : Jump

Down arrow : Slide

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