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Daddy Rabbit is a 3D game, with gaming mechanics like action, puzzle and farming. Embark on a journey to find your lost daughter and take care of your bunny farm! Daddy Rabbit is an exciting and fun adventure that will keep you entertained for hours.

Daddy Rabbit is a game for all ages that offers up tons of fun in the form of an interactive, 3D experience. It's packed with action, puzzles, farming, and zombies. You get to have the best time even if you are just sitting at your desk!

Daddy Rabbit is a top-selling, addictive, and fun game with many surprising features. It's easy-to-learn, but challenging to master.

Daddy Rabbit is a 3D Action, Adventure, Puzzle, and Farming game. Your father's farm has been infested by zombies and bunnies! Protect your farm and family from these invaders and restore the land to its former glory. Clear the field by shooting and harvesting vegetables (or carrots) from the ground, break through obstacles with a slingshot, or hunt down those pesky bunnies using your trusty shotgun. Play

Daddy Rabbit is a 3D game with an interesting storyline featuring a bunny named Daddy Rabbit who is on a quest to save the world from zombies. Along the way, he needs to build his own farm, plant crops, care for animals, and perform other household chores. Daddy Rabbit has to deal with rabbits, zombies, and other animals that interfere with his day-to-day life. Download our HTML5 game now and try it out

Daddy Rabbit is a 3D farming game in which your goal is to collect carrots and feed your bunny. There's also a 3D action part where you can try to fight zombies, and a 3D puzzle part where you have to solve various puzzles. In the end, you will be able to play Daddy Rabbit on mobile phones with HTML5.

Controls Guide

Move through the burrow by clicking on a place in the tunnel to go there, you can also use the arrows or the AWSD keys Shoot carrots at the zombies with the space bar and make your babies sleep with the B key.

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