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Drift running is a motorsport where drivers steer their car while sliding sideways at high speeds. The objective is to go as far as possible without touching the walls or the ceiling during a short period of time which is called a drift. This game is the most realistic drifting racing simulator in the world. It is a free online racing game on web browsers. The player can compete with up to 3 other drifting drivers on different tracks. There are 3 game modes - Drifting, Time Attack, and VS mode. In the racing tracks, players need to drive the vehicle to gain speed and avoid crashing into walls and other cars. The player needs to be quick on the steering wheel, as the drifting runs at super-fast speeds. You don’t need to know how to drive a car or any special skills to play this game. These game controls are intuitive and easy to master. The player just needs to tilt the device to control the car’s direction and speed. By tilting your device from side to side, you can control the car’s direction and the player needs to keep a steady hand to drift at high speeds. This game is the only racing game that allows players to drift in 3D. The players need to tilt the device up, down, left, and right to control the car’s direction and speed. The player needs to keep a steady hand to drift at high speeds.

Drift Run 3D is all about carving up the race track in your souped-up ride and hitting the apex at top speed. In this racing game, you get to drive a futuristic race car that can accelerate, corner, and drift at will. The player controls the car via virtual controls on a steering wheel, with the primary objective being to stay on the course and reach the finish

Controls Guide

WASD or arrow keys to drive Space bar to use handbrake C to change camera view

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