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Are you a fan of funny games? Do you want to spend your free time in a fun way? Do you want to test your skills? If yes, then this article is for you. We have compiled some of the best funny battle simulator games for Android. These games will help you test your skills and have fun at the same time. In these games, you will be given a role to play. You will have to take a particular action and see how the result affects the rest of the game. It might seem easy but the trickery will keep you hooked. These are some of the best funny battle simulator games available for Android. Check them out and see if they suit

You’re a brave knight with a strong sword and a good aim. You’re standing at the top of the hill, your enemy is in front of you, he’s going to come and face you. Use your wits and skills to outsmart your opponent and win the battle. The battle is not over yet. The enemy is going to come at you from behind as well. Use your sword to defeat him and win the battle for good. It’s a funny battle simulator, game, best game for destroying your stress, and a puzzle game. It will keep you coming back for

This game is about you and your army. You are a commander of a troop of soldiers. You need to defend your base from the enemy attack. You have only one chance to stop the enemy. Make use your strategy and lead your troop to victory. There are many challenging levels in this game. Each level is harder than the previous one. But don’t worry, it gets easier with

This game is a battle simulator, where you can test your combat skills and see how you would fare in battle. Use different weapons, attack style and strategies to destroy your enemies. This game is based on strategy and tactics, so you must be smart and quick-witted to win

It’s time to get up and get ready for some epic battles! This epic battle simulator will have you fighting, conquering and destroying your opponents in no time! Stay sharp, because you have to be the best to stay alive! Have fun and destroy them

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