Jump Jelly Jump

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Jump Jelly Jump is a challenging platform game. You have to help the Jellies to the Goal. Jump over platforms, collect items, avoid obstacles and stay alive. Play in three different game modes, or create your own levels with the level editor!

Fast-paced game with various levels. Dodge, jump, and race to the finish. Score points by finishing levels in the fastest time possible. Collect all the items in each level for a higher score.

Jump Jelly Jump is a new, original, addicting game created by Newco Studios. It's available to play on desktop and mobile devices. This game is free with no in-app purchases! Get your scores on the leaderboards and show your friends who's boss!

Race to the finish as you fall down dastardly levels of platforms and try to stay on them as long as possible. See how far you can go and collect coins and power-ups. Compete on global leaderboards and try to become king of the world!

Where you have to jump from platform to platform, while avoiding spiders and other obstacles. The game has a unique art style, with a top-view perspective. It features simple controls, with the only buttons being the left & right arrow keys. The gameplay is fun and easy to learn, but still challenging enough for hardcore gamers.

Get the jelly to the end of the level with your help by avoiding all obstacles and overcoming tricky levels. Explore a vast array of worlds, from the cold ice world to the lava world. With great graphics and funny videos, Jump Jelly Jump is not just a game but an experience!

Controls Guide

Click and drag to control the Jelly.

Release while jumping to free fall.

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