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Life is not just about shopping. Keep up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and life. Follow your favorite blogger and be the first to know about their latest post. Browse the hottest manga & anime every week for a new story to binge on. Get a makeover with makeup tutorials that'll make you look like a manga-character come to life!

You've never seen so many beautiful clothes, accessories, and looks in one place! Get the latest manga fashion trends with My Manga Avatar. With tons of cool games, perfect dress-up games, and tons of other stuff too - what are you waiting for? Go get your manga on!

One for all! Use My Manga Avatar to create your own virtual self. Dress, style, and customize a character based on you. Play dress up, choose a personality, and personalize your own 2D anime girl avatar.

With My Manga Avatar, you can create a beautiful anime character that will look just like you. You get to pick your hair style, eye color, skin color, and more. Dress up your manga avatar with different outfits and makeover them with beauty products. Have fun exploring the world of manga and anime with this cute app!

Sick of the same old clothes and accessories for your avatar? Try My Manga Avatar! With the easy-to-use customization, you can dress your avatar in hundreds of different outfits, shoes, hats, and more. You'll have fun creating your own character & personalizing their look with realistic colors. It's so easy to create a new look or change your entire outfit with our intuitive interface. Customize yourself with My Manga Avatar today

Dress up your avatar, create clothing designs, and more! With My Manga Avatar, you can unleash your fashion designer creativity on some of the most popular manga fashion trends of the season.

Controls Guide

Use your left mouse button to play the game.

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