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“A delightful, simple, and challenging platform game with an adorable, cuddly-looking “Help Om Nom run as far as possible avoiding all the obstacles in his “Collect special power-ups and help Om Nom to gain the strength he needs to defeat the evil monsters lurking along the “Om Nom is an adorable little monster who loves to eat Nom Nom cookies!” “Help Om Nom collect the cookies he left behind, and help him reach his destination “Om Nom loves eating Nom Nom cookies so much that he just can’t stop running after them!” “Avoid the evil monsters and obstacles on your way and help Om Nom to reach his destination

Nom is hungry! He’s fast, but he’s not quite fast enough to catch those delicious Nom candies. Help Nom Nom reach the end of the level in this simple but challenging platform game. Run, jump, and collect Nom candies to increase your score and hopefully earn some upgrades on the way. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Power Ups that will help you overcome the many dangerous obstacles in each level. Can you help Nom Nom reach the end of each level with as many upgrades as possible? For more games and resources, check out the Om Nom Games page on The Nerd Herd! The game idea is stolen from us, so we're releasing this game for free on the App Store and Google Play! Let us know what you think of it, and follow us on Twitter @TheNerdHersd for future

Run, avoid and collect power ups in Om Nom’s latest adventure! Run, avoid and collect power ups in Om Nom’s latest adventure! The adorable yet deadly cuteness has returned once again in this highly anticipated sequel! Run, avoid and collect power ups in Om Nom’s latest

The sweetest snack shop on Earth is on the verge of closing down. Join Om Nom in an epic journey to save the day and keep the candy shop open for business! Will you be able to help Om Nom overcome his

The ultimate eating game is here! Help Om Nom run, avoid obstacles and gobble up power-ups to grow bigger and bigger. But be careful, you don’t want to get

Controls Guide

Use the arrows to move.

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