Rocket Pants Runner 3D

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Ready to be the best Rocket Pants Runner of all time? It's time to get cooked or cook well. Ditch your old pants and get into 3D visuals with Rocket Pants Runner 3D, a hypercasual, avoidance, collect, runner game. Challenge yourself to avoid obstacles while collecting goodies and power-ups so you can go faster and higher. 

Rocket Pants Runner 3D is the latest game from the creators of the cult-classic Rocket Pants which has won over 500,000 players worldwide. This time, you'll be running away from mechanical monsters that want to make you their midnight snack. The game features a 3D environment, responsive controls, and an easy to learn gameplay.

Rocket Pants Runner 3D is a fast, fun and fast-paced game for all ages.

The newest installment of the legendary runner series is here! Rocket Pants Runner 3D is a fast-paced, arcade-style, "hypercasual" runner for all ages. Collect coins and grab a jetpack to fly through difficult levels to get the high score or race against your friends! This game is sure to keep you on your toes and have you running back for more!

Rocket Pants Runner is a challenging 3D, 3rd-person, runner game. You'll have to avoid angry animal, birds & run into rockets to collect coins & get highscore. It's Hypercasual!

The most addictive, challenging, and exciting game ever, Rocket Pants Runner 3D is a perfect blend of action and collect-a-thon. Run across the world and collect coins to beat the record, avoid traps and obstacles to survive. Beautiful 3D graphics will take you on a hypercasual journey!

Controls Guide

Use left / right arrow keys to move.

Use space bar to jump, double space bar to use rocket pants

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