Stick Run

About: Stick Run

Run, jump, play, explore, and enjoy the exhilaration of Stick Run. Stickman is running endlessly without getting tired. Stickman is running to jump over obstacles, play with other stickmans, explore the environment and explore the world. Running for an adventure without any destination. Play in the forest, on the top of a building or anywhere you can imagine. As you run through this world, avoid obstacles, collect coins and try to get as far as possible. You can also unlock new cool characters while playing.

Stuck in your daily routines? Feeling like the clock's always ticking? Want to feel like you're actually living life? This game is for you! Explore beautiful landscapes, run through the fields, and watch the sunset with Stick Run! We can't promise you'll find peace but we can promise tons of fun!

Stick Run is a classic endless runner that never gets old. The game is simple: use your finger to tap the screen and guide your stickman to safety. Get help from power ups like dash, flying squirrel, and more while dodging obstacles & enemies. Beat your high score, challenge your friends, brag about it on social media!

Controls Guide

Use the UP arrow keys to jump through the space tunnels.

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the world as you go.

You can control your jumps by hold down the up arrow key.

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