Yummy Tales

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Development history of Yummy Tales

A large game studio from Germany called Softgames created and developed this Yummy Tales game in mid-2020. Right from the game's launch, it received positive reviews from gamers.


Yummy Tales game content

You are at the fruit farm. Your task is to find a way to collect as many different fruits as required to open different doors.

Each level will have different requirements for each fruit such as apple, bell, eggplant. You can see the request in the upper left box of the screen.

Collect multiple fruits at once to get the winning stars. If all of your levels are 3 stars, you are the best.

However, if you do not meet the mission requirements within the allotted time, you will be disqualified and have to start over.


How to do the quest

Change the position of two types of fruit next to each other to create a row of the same fruit. If the row of 3 fruits in a row, you will get points. If the row is 4 or more fruits in a row, you will receive great rewards to speed up the completion of the mission.


Note while participating in the game Yummy Tales

In the game, you will be supported by the adorable dog Oscar. it will tell you what to do if you encounter difficult puzzles.

Try to collect many rewards to accelerate the completion of the mission, and get the perfect score.

Controls Guide

Directly touch (with phone or iPad) or use the mouse (with computer) to select the two fruits you want to swap.

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